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22nd May 2018



7.30 pm Tuesday 22 May 2018

Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint


This is the Annual Meeting of the Parish, open to all residents of the Parish. It is an opportunity to let us know what you think and to hear what your local parish council is doing.




1. Introduction by the Chairman

2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 23 May 2017

3. Annual Report of the Council

4. Financial Report of the Council

5. District Plan issues

6. Hurst Meadows

7. Court bushes community hub

8. Open forum for the public

9. Closing remarks by the Chairman



Hurst Meadows - open to the public…….
1st May 2018


Nearly 50 acres of meadowland has now been acquired by the Parish Council, for access by the public and for preservation of the natural countryside. This is part of the Council's Neighbourhood Plan which was approved by over 90% of the community in our referendum in 2015.


The area is north of Trinity Road, west of College Lane, and east of Iden Hurst and Fairfield Crescent, with points of access currently from the Millennium Garden (Trinity Road), Highfield Drive, Latchetts Lane and St Georges Green.


Over the coming months and years we will be introducing new planting, to reinforce the indigenous species, introducing a community orchard, improving access and adding noticeboards and maps to help everyone understand and enjoy the areas.


Click here for map



Albourne Road Allotments
19th March 2018


The Albourne Road allotments has a short waiting list at the moment. Therefore, it is a good time to put your name on our waiting list. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Council office on 01273 833264 or email: .


Water shortages
5th March 2018


South East Water have issued general advice to all its customers, encouraging us all to limit our use while they fix the leaks in the wider area. We are not aware of any homes in this Parish which are without water, but nearby areas are experiencing problems.

Please click on the link : South East Water advice


Parish Council Small Grants 2017
7th February 2018


The Parish Council operates a grant aid system providing small sums (up to £500) to local non-profit groups that meet the needs of the Parish's residents. Grant applications are considered at the Community Affairs Committee meetings of the Council, 6 times per year.


Please contact the Parish Council office on 01273 833264, email us on, or look on the website under the Parish Council tab, for more information.


Street Surgeries being held by Police
1st February 2018


PCSO Stephen Low and PCSO Dan Gale will be holding a street surgery in the foyer of Hurstpierpoint Village Hall 1530-1630 Thursday 1/2/18 and Friday 2/2/18 in relation to the recent knife crimes in the village.


If you would like any advice, you have any queries or feel you have any information that may be helpful please do drop in. If you are unable to attend on either of the days, please e-mail with your query.


Kingsland Laines, Sayers Common - housing decision
11th December 2017


The Secretary of State had allowed permission for 120 houses at Kingsland Laines, Sayers Common. This follows a lengthy process in which the Parish Council argued against the application, saying that this number was more than required by our Neighbourhood Plan. Planning permission had previously been granted for 40 houses on the same site, so this latest decision permits a further 80.


New flower baskets and flower beds
7th December 2017


We are planning to install some flower baskets on posts along the High Street in Hurstpierpoint, and some flower beds at Fairfield Crescent, Iden Hurst and College Lane. This part of the Council's work to improve the appearance of our villages and we hope to have them in place next Spring. Click here for some sketch details.


Hurst Meadows open
1st December 2017


The first part of the new Hurst Meadows parkland is now open to the public.

The 9 acres north of Highfield Drive in Hurstpierpoint, can be approached from either St Georges Lane/Latchetts Lane, or from the St Georges footpath, near College Lane. The area is a mixture of open meadow, hedgerows and woodland and is available to everyone for their quiet enjoyment.

We are expecting that the second stage, some 40 acres of meadow at Little Park will be available in the early Spring 2018.

Click here for more details.


South Avenue Cemetery - Trees being removed
14th March 2017


During the week commencing 20 March 2017, tree surgeons will be removing the 8 large conical shaped trees located in the Garden of Rest, South Avenue Cemetery. Access to the Garden of Rest during this time will be limited. If this causes any problems, please contact the Parish Council Office on 01273 833 264 or email:

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