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NEWSLETTER Summer 2015



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The High Street is expected to be fully open to traffic on Thursday 3 September 2015. The Works started Monday 3 August 2015 and took approximately 4 weeks to complete. During this time the High Street was closed to through traffic, but local residents had access to their homes, and the shops and businesses were open as usual. Click HERE for more details.

High Street ROAD CLOSURE - BUS DIVERSIONS in Hurstpierpoint

From Monday 3 August 2015 the buses were diverted, but will return to their normal routes from Thursday 3 September 2015.

Click here for the Diverted 273

Click here for the Diverted 33

High Street ROAD CLOSURE - TRAFFIC DIVERSIONS in Hurstpierpoint

From Monday 3 August 2015 for 4 weeks the through traffic will be diverted:

London Road - Hassocks, Jane Murray Way and A2300 - Burgess Hill, A23 - Hickstead, London road - Sayers Common, Albourne Road - Hurstpierpoint. We understand that some local traffic will try to use College Lane, but signs will be present to discourage the short-cut.

Streetlights Wickham Hill area

We are aware that there are a number of streetlights around the Wickham Hill, College Lane area that are burning 24 hours a day. Their timing controls are the old system operated from the substation, and the power supply company has chosen to permanently disconnect this control. Unfortunately the solution is to fit new lamps with built in sensors, and this will take some time to arrange. We are seeking an effective solution as quickly as possible.

Sayers Common - HOUSING SITES APPRAISAL consultation

We have produced a long list of possible housing sites for Sayers Common, to meet the requirements set down in our Neighbourhood Plan. An appraisal has been undertaken and the suitability of the sites has been assessed by an independent planning consultant. We are now inviting comments on this assessment from residents, landowners, developers and others who may have an interest.

The CLOSING DATE for comments is Monday 21 September 2015.

Please click here for more information.

21 July 2015


The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and represents the communities of Hurstpierpoint, Sayers Common, Goddards Green and the surrounding countryside. We have a population of nearly 7,000 who are fortunate to live in an area of great beauty, with the benefits of ready access to Brighton and the coast and the South Downs, and with the centre of London only a 50 minute train ride.


Hurstpierpoint is the largest village and is home to a very wide range of clubs, societies and sports activities. Significant local events such as the St Lawrence Fair in June each year, and the Hurstpierpoint arts festival in September, are extremely popular and draw many visitors into our community. The village enjoys an excellent range of quality shops in the High Street, as well as a cinema, theatre, tennis and bowls clubs, and many organisations for all ages.


The Parish Council office is next to the Library in Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint, and we are open to the public each weekday from 9.00am to 1.30pm. Alternatively you can call us on 01273 833264 or email


We try to help on all matters of local interest, and if we cannot give the answer then we try to guide you to the right organisation.


Thank you for your interest in our community.


The Quality Parish Council scheme QC 12-03-00025 is a national recognition of quality of service provided by the Parish Council.

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